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This town ain’t big enough for both of us: York City’s long fight for survival

Considering York is one of the oldest cities in England, and that Yorkshire was the birthplace of the game of football as we know it (vis-à-vis the famous ‘Sheffield Rules’), it seems odd that York City FC weren’t founded until 1908. But the Sheffield teams aside, most of Yorkshire’s football clubs as we know them today came together in the first decade of the 20th century. Along with York, Bradford City, Hull City, Leeds City (the first occupants of Elland Road) and Huddersfield Town were all formed within one five-year period.

The reason for this delay in adopting the sport, aside from the usual Yorkshire resistance to modern trends, was most likely that until this time these towns had been dominated by their respective rugby league sides. The game of rugby had spawned from the same roots as ‘Association’ football – the catching, running and kicking sports first played at English public schools. Former students of these schools took the games back to the provinces and so further variations developed in isolated pockets before spreading nationwide. Soccer evolved in the Midlands, Lancashire and London, while most of Yorkshire happened, somewhat ironically, to favour the game started at Rugby School, Warwickshire [...]
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Brotherly Love: the artistic merits of Rotherham’s most famous fans

Growing up in a household that didn’t watch football, Rotherham were perhaps the first club I was aware of. Paul and Barry Chuckle, rather than Bryan Robson, Gary Lineker or Ian Rush, were the figures that introduced me to the sport in the late 1980s. Various references to their hometown club featured in ChuckleVision, culminating in the brothers turning out for the Millers in a 1996 episode that also featured cameos from Ronnie Moore and Tony Towner [...]
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